Warehousing (Data) and BI

Warehousing and Data

Senior Data Analyst – €60.000

We are in search of an experienced and results-driven Senior Data Analyst. This role will involve analyzing data to provide fact-based recommendations and actions to decision-makers, monitoring KPI performance, collaborating with various departments, and building data models focused on player value, segmentation, and behavior analysis. Requirements Responsibilities For more detailed information, please contact us.

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Database Engineer – €50.000

This role presents an exciting opportunity to join a rapidly expanding global Software Development company, operating in a Hybrid office environment. The successful candidate will be responsible for the development, testing, automation, and maintenance of the entire database stack for our suite of products. Given the exceptional performance requirements and complex design considerations, achieving optimal

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Data Analyst – €45.000

As creators of innovative software for the future market of iGaming, we strive to go against the traditional route of building slot machine software. We operate with the firm belief that we’re building desirable software for the next big spending generation: younger players who are seeking iGaming entertainment to enjoy themselves and with friends. With

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Data Analyst – €40.000

We are looking for data analysts to help our clients make better business decisions using information from available data. You will be responsible for gathering and preparing data from multiple sources, running statistical analyses, and communicating with the team in a clear and objective way. Responsibilities Requirements For more detailed information, please contact us.

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Data Analyst – €40.000

The company is focused on providing each player with a personalized experience and are determined to challenge the industry through innovation and product excellence. To achieve this, they have developed their own cutting-edge tech platform, including a fully automated sportsbook. With best-in-class user experience and a commitment to offering the ultimate gambling experience, they are

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